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Southern Co. purchase of AGL will be good for consumers, Gas South CEO says

And, well truly notice gasoline as well as electricity basically compete on the degree playing field.

The recent announcement that Southern Co. Anyone possess a couple of very good utility companies together with superb reputations coming together.

That ought to result in a few synergies, a range of best procedures sharing, maybe a range of cost benefits over time, Greiner added. so all those things, I think, will possibly be beneficial. We see it as positive coming from an operations standpoint. The Actual business is now a new wholly-owned subsidiary involving Cobb EMC.

Southern Co. AGL operates as well as maintains your natural gas infrastructure throughout Georgia, although gas South and other companies marketplace gas in order to customers.

Gas South serves regarding 280,000 residential, enterprise along with governmental clients inside Georgia along with Florida, has been formerly owned by Southern Co. will purchase AGL Resourcesshould advantage consumers, your head associated with gas South told a company association this week.

We see it as really positive via an infrastructure standpoint, Kevin Greiner, president along with CEO associated with Gasoline South, advised the actual Buckhead business Association (BBA) within a Thursday morning appearance. Regarding whatever the use is, does it create much more feeling regarding natural gas, can it sound right much more regarding electricity? And, I feel all round that will is planning to be best for consumers and excellent for the market.

Greiner noted that will AGL will be presently extending its network of pipelines in order to places throughout north as well as south Georgia in order that Georgia is really as well-served as an individual can simply by natural gas. will be purchasing AGL resources with regard to $8 billion in cash; the deal is predicted to seal in the second 1 / two of 2016, BloombergBusiness formerly reported.

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Charity Car Raffles by Sarah Michaels

When it comes to car donations to support charity programs, many people think of the junk car donation -- having someone coming to haul away a car that barely runs. After all, plenty of people would prefer to sell their old vehicle if they can, particularly these days when money is tight for quite a few Americans and their families. However, there are always those who remain flush even when times are tough. And it's certainly not unusual to see a car donation in NYC, Los Angeles, or another area that consists of a very valuable vehicle. Not only is it a great way to give to charity, it can be a nice tax write-off.

In the case of a car that's worth a tidy sum of money, the charity in question may look for an alternative to the more typical car auctions. In some cases, a raffle may be used to bring in more funds for the charity program. That is the route that is being taken with a car donated by Jason Maxiell. The Detroit Piston's player has chosen to have his classic 1989 Chevy Camaro raffled off to raise money for a local charity. The raffle will be handled by the Pistons Care Telethon, with the proceeds supporting the Food Bank Council of Michigan. The winner of the raffle will be personally presented with the keys to their new car during the April 12th Piston's home game.

Many people wonder how to donate a car to support a cause they care about. Even if your vehicle isn't worth nearly as much as Maxiell's Camaro (and how many of us have cars that are?), it can still provide a worthwhile service to your community. Whether it's sold for profit at auction, used as a teaching tool for job skill programs, or provides transportation for those in need, donating cars to charity means helping those who really need it. Are you interested in donating an old car or truck? The Internet is a great place to find more information to make sure that the process goes smoothly for you.

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Who Gives and Who Doesn't?

There are a million ways to give to charity. Toy drives, food drives, school supply drivestelethons, walkathons, and dance-athons.

But just who is doing the giving? Three quarters of American families donate to charity, giving $1,800 each, on average. Of course, if three quarters give, that means that one quarter don't give at all. So what distinguishes those who give from those who don't? It turns out there are many myths about that.

Sioux Falls vs. San Francisco We assume the rich give more than the middle class, the middle class more than the poor. I've heard liberals care more about the less fortunate, so we assume they give more than conservatives do. Are these assumptions